Webinar Tutorial - Capabilities Demystified: The Capability Module

by Matt Burke, on Aug 22, 2016 8:29:50 AM

Welcome to the August edition of the WorkFit Webinar Tutorial.  Thank you to those of you who attended last months session.  The turn out was fantastic.  The topic for this month: Capabilities Demystified(preview). 

One of the most interesting aspects of my job, without a doubt,  is the countless discussions (debates) I have related to Business Capabilities.  Some of you are laughing right now as I'm sure this doesn't seem overly exciting.  For those of you that have adopted Capability-based planning,  think about your experiences and discussions related to Business Capabilities.  How do you define Capabilities?  How do you assess Capabilities?  Are Capabilities really meaningful to the business?  I suspect most of you have spent countless hours touching on these topics.  These questions and many more are often the most challenging to answer. After all, there is no published framework or playbook to manage capabilities.  In the end, most of us agree:

  • Business capabilities provide an approach to deepen the strategic dialogue between business and IT leaders and increase strategic coherence. 
  • Capability models can act as a "Rosetta Stone" that provides the translation between business concerns and IT concerns.
  • Tying strategies, projects, and costs to business capabilities offers a view that resonates with business executives.
  • Business architects should construct a capability map that CIOs can use to encourage a more meaningful dialogue with their business peers to guide IT investments.3-Carousel-Capabilities-with-Heat-Map-overlay.jpg

Sounds easy enough.  Unfortunately, it's a bit more complicated.   Most organizations and architects vary in how they define and utilize Capability Models.  So where should you go to get accurate information?  I decided to reach out to my good friend and colleague, Jeff Scott, to get his perspectives.  

This live tutorial will provide an in depth look into how our current customers are using the product to manage their capability models and should provide insight into Jeff's upcoming Webinar series, Capabilities Demystified.

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