Webinar Tutorial: Aligning Projects to Capabilities and Business Goals

by Matt Burke, on Jul 7, 2016 10:56:06 AM

Summer time is officially here.  The Texas heat is certainly out in full force.  It's this time of year when  I suddenly become best friends with my friends that own a boat.  Things are certainly heating up with the WorkFit product as well.   For those interested parties, we are nearing the official launch to the HTML 5 version of WorkFit which will allow you to use your mobile devices, iPads, and Android tablets as you continue to make your enterprises more "fit" through strategy to execution excellence.  

Earlier this year, we began offering the Monthly WorkFit Feature Round-up. The Blog provided a brief tutorial into a variety of WorkFit features.  To enhance the Features Blog,  we are offering a WorkFit Monthly Webinar tutorial.  This live tutorial will provide an in depth look into how our WorkFit customers are using the product.

Each month the WorkFit Webinar Tutorial will offer:

  • Live Demos on the most popular features and outputs from our customers.
  • Case studies featuring customer experiences with WorkFit.
  • A sneak peak into upcoming updates.

Now the entire Community can visualize many of the features being used by our customers.  This month, we are going to revisit a popular topic from earlier in the year:

  • How WorkFit can illustrate which projects are going to help achieve your strategic goals and when will they be completed?
  • How WorkFit can  illustrate which projects are going to impact which capability?

The Strategy Roadmap GANTT gives you a view of all the projects related to a specific strategy.

StratGantt.pngThe Capability Roadmap GANTT provides a view of all the projects that are going to impact or deliver capabilities. 

CapGanttClick here to sign up for the WorkFit Video Tutorial:


If you'd like to learn more about our product and services or would like to schedule a demo, feel free to contact:

Matt Burke
WorkFit Team Lead




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