Cognosante and Accelare announce partnership to provide breakthrough digital transformation services on the ServiceNow platform


FALLS CHURCH, VA--(COGNOSANTE)—Cognosante, a mission-driven technology company providing innovative solutions to Federal and state governments, and Accelare, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, have entered into an exclusive strategic partnership that provides breakthrough digital transformation services on the ServiceNow platform. Accelare has developed a new prescriptive design approach for digital transformation known as Platform-based Design Engineering. This approach to business model design by implementing Platform-as-a-Service tools like ServiceNow, combined with Cognosante’s expertise and scale in healthcare will help clients deliver breakthrough new capabilities at unprecedented speed and value.

“Our combined capabilities, along with the ServiceNow platform empower our existing and potential clients to solve complex healthcare and safety challenges through tailored and purposeful innovation,” said Erick Peters, Cognosante’s Chief Technology Officer. “These innovations benefit how we engage stakeholders, support users, implement complex workflows, and deliver holistic support services”

“We are thrilled to be working closely with Cognosante to help our clients leverage the ServiceNow platform in healthcare and beyond. Digital transformation is business model transformation and there is nowhere where this is more needed than healthcare” said Jack Calhoun CEO of Accelare.

Cognosante and Accelare are actively applying prescriptive design to the design, development, and implementation of ServiceNow platform solutions in support of several large customers and driving innovations that empower their joint market growth.

About Cognosante

Cognosante provides technology solutions and business process outsourcing to Federal, state, and local government health agencies. The company has more than three decades of experience working with 48 states and the Federal government, developing, managing, and executing large, complex health information programs. Its expertise includes Medicaid, Medicare, military and Veterans health, the health insurance marketplace, data standards and analytics, and modular system development and integration. Visit for more information.

About Accelare

Accelare is a strategy, business model design and ServiceNow Elite Partner who has developed breakthrough new methods for applying ServiceNow to transform businesses. Accelare has a long history and worked on the ground-breaking books that introduced the concepts of business reengineering. Accelare has assembled a combination of strategy, business model design, change management and technology implementation in a completely novel way which has driven Accelare to Elite status and a 4.8 customer satisfaction rating with ServiceNow.