The ‘Shift Left’: What It Means and How It Is Done

The Shift Left Customer Experience E-Book

Consumers have more power than ever when making purchasing decisions due to the influx of information available at their fingertips. Remaining loyal to a specific brand requires a compelling reason to do so. The onus falls on organizations to deliver a differentiated customer experience to keep customers happy. 'Shift Left’ is a strategy that moves organizations from high cost, high touch customer support interactions to a more cost conscious, self-service offering. With ‘Shift Left’ customers and employees realize the benefits of this forward-thinking approach. 



  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STATISTICS: Read the latest trends and statistics from thought-provoking and informative reports.
  • THOUGHT-PROVOKING QUESTIONS: Ask yourself the prompts in this e-book to identify areas of strength and opportunity.
  • STRATEGY-TO-EXECUTION IN CX: Learn about a proven and patented methodology to drive strategy and execution of your transformation.
  • CX CHANNEL SAMPLES: Meet your customers where they are. Optimize the channels consumers use to interact with your brand.
  • EFFECTS OF COVID-19 ON CX: Understand how the current and future states of Customer Experience are evolving.
  • BRAND DIFFERENTIATION TAKEAWAYS: Check out key insights to begin your Customer Experience transformation.

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