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Embedded Change Agents

Bucking the idea of business as usual

Outside catalysts accelerate business transformation.

Insiders are easily trapped in existing thinking about how things must get done. Trust in “what has worked for them in the past”, day-to-day responsibilities, and the ambiguity of moving to and operating in a new future collude to inhibit transformational design and transition to new and more productive ways of working. The best external change agents are like the organizational mutations that lead to evolutionary transformation.

Our change agents are experienced executives and strategy execution thought leaders. They are operationally grounded, self-guided, energetic, committed individuals who hold a wider world view that is not constrained by existing operational logic. They openly challenge current business systems logic and deeply held beliefs that stand in the way of achieving strategic goals. 

They bring independence from “the current” and an urgency to create “the new” and exercise the strength to make certain that transformation priorities, processes and resources are not hijacked less strategic work. 

Your Accelare S2E Catalyst will quickly build a coalition for transformation guided by senior leaders, staffed by your leaders at all levels to ensure that your team’s fingerprints are on the design, solution, and transition programs. Where needed, the catalyst will augment your team with professionals from external sources. The catalyst will ensure collaboration and inclusion to ensure that all transformation work has deep roots in your organization. Active coaching and facilitation will ensure knowledge capture and sharing to make sure that transformation is a learning and development experience for your team.

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