Knowledge 2021: The Next Wave of COVID-19

Apr 20, 2021 4:27:35 PM

We are excited to present at this year's ServiceNow Knowledge 2021 starting on May 11th! We are in the midst of the first two waves of COVID-19: the Medical Health Crisis and the Economic Crisis. But what happens next? The Behavioral Mental Health Crisis.

In partnership with ServiceNow, Jack Calhoun, CEO & Co-Founder of Accelare, and Andrea Pohlman, VP & General Manager, will discuss the lack of available clinicians, hidden and high costs of these services, the impact on employee turnover, and how business model transformation can ultimately address these issues and beyond.

By leveraging ServiceNow's Customer Service Management application and digital workflows, we can innovate on the platform and deploy a scalable solution that has the power to prepare us for the next wave of COVID-19.

The Next Wave of COVID: How CSM takes on mental and behavioral health

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