City of Innovation: Vaccine Distribution Management

Jan 29, 2021 9:44:24 AM

Accelare is pleased to present the next chapter in our City of Innovation:  Vaccine Distribution Management. 

Follow the journey of vaccine management through the eyes of a citizen, healthcare employee, and administrator. You'll see the deployment of capabilities spanning from vaccination enrollment to eligibility screening to phase-based vaccination for the citizen patient. Experience the perspective of a healthcare employee assisting with the vaccination process, tracking supplies, and analyzing citizen appointment and profile details. Then watch an administrator manage supplies across facilities and ensure appropriate booking capacity.

See the end-to-end possibilities from these three personas, leveraging countless capabilities all with the power of the ServiceNow platform.

To learn more about our Vaccine Management solution, click here!


Interested in learning more about this digital solution? Click HERE to check out our video library of our City of Innovation solutions for other use cases!

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