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Our Workday Partnership

Managing and connecting with people, measuring and managing the success of your organization, and being able to analyze exactly what is going on in real time are essential capabilities of any business transformation.

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Workday Assessment

Workday Strategy and Planning

Program Management and Governance

Organizational Change Management

Workday Assessment

Assess to Address

Optimize your existing capabilities and identify under-utilized features to experience the full benefits from a team to an organizational level.  Accelare works with your team to adopt best practices and support your organization’s unique needs.

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Workday Strategy & Planning

Accelare works with your team to build consensus and develop a plan of action to determine how your organization can maximize your value received from Workday. Not all configurable capabilities have equal impact on your future. From process modeling to heat mapping, we will help you devise your plan to focus your resources on where you will get unique value.

Program Management & Governance

Accelare helps you reduce project risk. We support and strengthen project management to ensure successful deployment. We broaden the traditional focus on time, budget, and functionality to incorporate Customer Experience (Cx) design, consensus building across stakeholder groups, multi-media communications, preparing employees for successful and seamless adoption, and training.

From assigning accountabilities to scheduling scrums, from defining goals and priorities to establishing clear communication channels, Accelare works with you to through rapid, successful deployment.

Organizational Change Management

Accelare recognizes that some projects fail because the organization was not ready to adopt them. We work to build grassroots awareness and preparedness to adopt the new Workday solution. Working with your team, we support communications tailored to your employees, how they work, where they work, and how they consume information.

The delivery process is made more transparent to the employees to create readiness and even excitement. Training is developed for those processes where needed. Self-service resources are developed and deployed.

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