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Why Enterprise Fitness? 

Simply stated, enterprise fitness is defined as an organization's ability to run and improve while simultaneously transforming. Assessing enterprise fitness is a critical step in strategy formulation as it gauges leadership's alignment within the four critical domains that drive transformation.

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Four Domains of Enterprise Fitness

Value Innovation/Customer Experience

The organization's ability to design and deliver a meaningful customer experience at a lower cost.

Operational Innovation/Agility

The organization’s ability to realign human capital, business process, and current technology to anticipate and capitalize on market shifts.

Organizational Engagement

The organization’s ability to promote employee experiences and build alignment through communication and active participation.

Financial Health

The organization’s ability to allocate capital to create value for stakeholders.

Enterprise Fitness as Part of WorkFit for ServiceNow

Build Your Transformation Agenda

Accelare's proven Enterprise Fitness assessment is now part of the WorkFit suite of applications on the NOW platform. By leveraging core functionality, organization's can assess Enterprise Fitness and evaluate the most pressing needs to successful execution of the transformation agenda. 

Accelare's Enterprise Fitness assessment provides critical insight on the overall fitness of the organization and, equally importantly, the degree to which leadership is aligned on the current status of the organization. Accelare believes a "current state" analysis must be completed before designing and executing the transformation agenda. The results of the assessment quickly provide detailed insights on how well the organization is positioned to execute as well as the degree of alignment amongst the leadership team. Through this quick but telling assessment, leadership begins to uncover key drivers to achieving a successful transformation.

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