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Digital Transformation is more than workflow automation or functional optimization

WorkFit for ServiceNow

A collection of applications that enable the Strategy-to-Execution process.

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WorkFit for ServiceNow offers an enterprise approach to digital transformation - combining the Enterprise Fitness framework and Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) process on the ServiceNow platform

The Accelare ITBM Digital Transformation Stack

Successful strategy deployment requires a platform solution that supports the planning, design, and execution of strategy. We recognize this critical need and have deployed a suite of applications, built on the NOW platform, to support this endeavor. By combining our suite of applications and strategy-to-execution methodology with the robust power of the NOW platform, we've developed the necessary tools to deliver results.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art solutions, WorkFit Capability Mapper and WorkFit OKR Tracker, or schedule a demo with our team of experts!

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Accelare ITBM Digital Transformation Stack
Accelare ITBM Digital Transformation Stack
WorkFit for ServiceNow
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A recent worldwide poll of CEOs revealed an overwhelming majority think their current business model’s shelf life is near expiration.  And yet in the face of this stark reality, most executives struggle to identify new 2.0 business models and even fewer are able to transform their current organization to meet the needs of the new business model if and when they find it.

Capability Mapper

Build your capability model and assess the heat of your capabilities at the project, business area, or enterprise level.

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Capability Model with SN dashboard

OKR Tracker

Assess your enterprise fitness to establish a strategy on a page (OKRs), then manage and track performance of OKRs and subsequent changes to enterprise fitness

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Did you Know?

“WorkFit Capability Mapper incorporates Accelare’s capability planning expertise and best practices into a secure SAS based tool built to quickly build and display capability models, facilitate cross-functional operational assessment and heat mapping, and quickly identify and prioritize both run and improve 1.0 business initiatives, and 2.0 business transformation. ”

Matt Burke
Senior Director - WorkFit Team

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