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3X Project Management

To build a digital culture, your projects need to do 3X more - develop people, process, and technology.

3X Project Management

Today’s Project Management Offices and Agile/Scrum techniques have made good progress improving software project delivery – however they are ill-equipped to support the disruptive change that is required to accomplish the mandates of digital transformation.

Projects are the vehicle for not only delivering new technology but the entire change management agenda. Project management requires a 3X change in the EPMO charter from tools to manage technology projects to helping deliver a Digital Culture. Manage your people, process, AND technology with applied learning and change management practices in the context of real projects.

Reformulate the Portfolio: People, Process and Technology

Ensure on-time completion of critical projects and strategic initiatives by aligning the components needed to deliver results.

Best Practice Implementation for Internal and External Communications

Bring your CX to life with a set of customer psychographic archetypes that pressure test you CX.

Organize the Portfolio for Change: Enterprise Capability Model

A stage-gate well documented process and governance structure to ensure ​the right services are brought to market on-time and on-budget.

Leverage Capability-Based Release Management & Planning

Develop a corporate wide understanding of what your customers are doing​.

Evaluate Organization Design and Structure to Drive Continuous Change

Use the concepts of Behavioral Economics to focus upon the Customer’s heuristic decision process and ‘Nudge” them toward our desired outcome.

Engage with Sponsors to Develop Key Change Leadership Skills

Document your CX for execution and sign-off before project teams engage.

Build a Continuous Learning Capability

Establish Program Objectives and Measure Results

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