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Enterprise platform to enable the Strategy-to-Execution Process


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Digital Transformation is Business Model Transformation

Business, IT, Finance and, HR need to engage in a new inspired design and planning process

Strategy to Execution Process

Digital Transformation is not automation of existing processes

Accelare works with these select Partners who understand the difference

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Platform-Based Reengineering



Digital Transformation requires a new palette of design, planning and execution tools



WorkFit for ServiceNow

A Fit Enterprise can...Run, Improve, and Transform Simultaneously

How Fit is your organization?

Enterprise Fitness

You don’t need to be the CEO to start the Fit Enterprise movement and to leverage S2E in your company…

This new process can be applied at multiple levels in your organization– CEO, Business Area or Project Owner.

S2E for Projects

Nice to Meet You

Accelare's S2E and WorkFit solutions redefine how large enterprises, mid and early-stage ventures, not-for-profits, and government agencies simultaneously run, improve, and transform. We call this Enterprise Fitness.

To become a Fit Enterprise your organization must master a new business process - the Strategy-to-Execution Process. Try to describe how your organization manages and pursues strategy through day to day execution - you will likely find many disjointed or missing activities – this gap is what the Strategy-to-Execution Process addresses.

What is the Strategy to Execution Process?

A New Process

The Strategy-to-Execution process is missing in most organizations and has been proven to dramatically improve performance at the enterprise, business area, and project level.

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Business Model Innovation

The S2E process and WorkFit are proven to create dramatic and lasting innovations in the business model and help you to Run and Improve your current business model to build the momentum and capacity needed to Transform to your next-generation business model.

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Projects and Portfolios

Project Success

Most projects fail to deliver on business case, budget and schedule. The Strategy-to-Execution Process creates the context and culture for projects of all sizes to deliver predictable results.

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WorkFit for ServiceNow - The platform for a Fit Enterprise!

offers an enterprise approach to digital transformation - combining the Enterprise Fitness framework and Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) process on the ServiceNow platform

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Capability Mapper-1

Capability Mapper

Build your capability model and assess the heat of your capabilities at the project, business area, or enterprise level.

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Cx Developer-1

Cx Developer

Define your products/services and customers personas and build customer journey maps, from an “outside-in” perspective, with an emphasis on customer touchpoints.  

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OKR Tracker graphic

OKR Tracker

Assess your enterprise fitness to establish a strategy on a page (OKRs), then manage and track performance of OKRs and subsequent changes to enterprise fitness. 

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Transformation Designer-1

Transformation Designer

Design, develop and manage your new 2.0 transformational services via Accelare’s well-structured and holistic Service Design Lifecycle Management process to shorten time-to-market, minimize false starts, and maximize ROI of your service portfolio.

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