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Accelare brings together our S2E process and Enterprise Fitness Framework for holistic implementations of ServiceNow that drive adoption and provide differentiated, curated customer experience to deliver digital transformation.


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Accelare uses its S2E methodology to work with clients to establish how Workday Human Capital Management and/or Workday Financial Management support the overall strategy. Through Accelare’s understanding of the established processes in Workday, it builds a business case and roadmap to demonstrate how each client can benefit from Workday.

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Accelare partners with AWS to create lineage between strategy and business, process & IT modernization through our unique architecture techniques that prioritize investment roadmaps and deliver differentiated solutions for innovative business model transformation.

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Using inbound marketing (also called content marketing) via HubSpot's digital platform and CRM tool, Accelare leverages its S2E methodology to effectively implement the technology and appropriate business process reengineering to support organizational transformation from traditional outbound marketing techniques to an inbound model.




Through the Microsoft platform, Accelare built WorkFit to support the S2E process. WorkFit provides a central hub to empower your organization with the blueprint, visibility, and ownership necessary to implement your strategy. 

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Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that allows organizations of all sizes to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work across the business.  Accelare and our clients use Smartsheet to develop on-the-fly workflows, in hours to help with project tasks, data collection, measurement and process workarounds as interim improvements to processes that are in transition.  This powerful tool with a spreadsheet style interface is a “Swiss Army Knife” when delivering projects and fast improvements in the field.

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