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Food Bank Administration

Accelare’s Food-bank Platform as a Service (FPaaS) methodology provides a well-structured approach to integrating data sources and workflows utilizing ServiceNow’s cloud based applications.

Tackling the challenges of food insecurity

How Accelare delivers results

As a CIO or COO of a food bank faced with the challenges of tackling food insecurity via spreadsheets, manual processing, and disparate data sources, Accelare’s Food-bank Platform as a Service (FPaaS) offering provides a well-structured approach to integrating data sources and workflows utilizing ServiceNow’s Public Sector Data Services (PSDS) platform.

Unlike traditional on-prem software, cloud computing provides an economical yet powerful set of tools without the headaches of local maintenance and operation. Equally, FPaaS leverages out-of-the-box ServiceNow capabilities to implement best practices that produce rapid results to facilitate:

  • Client Awareness and Outreach
  • Program Management
  • Client Management

FPaaS is a collaborative approach, utilizing ServiceNow’s PSDS and 3CLogic’s cloud-based technology deployed via Accelare’s Platform-based Design Engineering (PDE).

FPaaS provides a win for all levels of the organization and its clients. 

  • The dashboard and real-time metrics allow leadership to make data driven decisions on where help is needed. 
  • ServiceNow’s client and case management technology coupled with the 3CLogic’s telephony services, reduces swivel chairing and frustration on the part of the agent, thus making the job at hand easier and more fulfilling.
  • And lastly, but most importantly, the 360-degree view of the client as well as access to the programs available, allows the client to receive the services they need when they need them most, in a humane and compassionate manner.

With FPasS, organizations can better organize, edit, and track key data points, more efficiently coordinate food programs, distribution and rescue operations, and improve cohesion between different food bank locations and the communities they serve.

What Is The Payoff?

Accelare’s FPaaS approach provides greater insights into food bank operations and a better understanding of who is using their services, thereby enabling more holistic interventions. Furthermore, this platform allows organizations to better perform functions such as customer service, inventory management, and trend identification, which, in turn, allows for more efficient and impactful operations.

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