Your Trusted Partner for Delivering Business Model Digital Transformation

Accelare set out to change the world of work by leading organizations through digital business model transformation. We empower organizations to run and improve while simultaneously transforming using our patented strategy-to-execution methodology which ensures alignment of people, process, and technology.

Why Accelare?

As a pioneer in technology transformation consulting, we have reimagined how human and digital resources work together.

You don’t need to be the CEO drive vision. You can begin your business transformation journey on a project, business area or enterprise level to contribute to your organization's goals and objectives.

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How Can We Help You?

We provide digital transformation consulting  services that prioritize performance and results. Accelare's S2E process and WorkFit are proven to create dramatic breakthroughs and lasting innovations integrated into the business model to build the capacity needed to transform into your next-generation business model.

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Our Commitment

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We help our clients design and implement new processes, technologies, and people practices helping them transform the way they work and prepare for the future.

A key aspect of vision is to help our clients understand the importance of, plan for and execute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives at their organization.

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Delivering Business Model Transformation

We help organizations run and improve their current business model while transforming. By leveraging digital transformation tools and breakthrough strategy innovations, we can support and prepare your organization for the future. So how do we do it?

Enterprise Fitness

Create dramatic and lasting innovations in the business model and help you to Run and Improve your current business model to build the momentum and capacity needed to Transform to your next-generation business model.


A proven patented process to deliver true digital and business model transformation through: Strategy Clarification, Operating Model Design, Assessment & Transformation Roadmapping, and Change Management and Execution.

WorkFit Suite

Our suite of applications to propel your business to new levels with a suite of business planning, design and execution applications powered by the ServiceNow platform. Maximize productivity to reach new levels of success.

Our Story

Since inception, our executive leadership and consulting experts have continued to develop innovative strategic approaches and customizable solutions to fit your business transformation needs.

We have helped countless customers increase clarity of business objectives, experience faster time to value, and execute on comprehensive digital transformation roadmaps. Here is ours!

The Beginning

February 2001

Accelare is founded in Boston, MA. Name is derived from the Latin word accelarare to go faster; to cause greater activity, development, progress, advancement.

Projects and Portfolios

August 2004

Key contributors to the Business Process Management Movement and worked on best-selling books of Michael Hammer and James Champy including: Reengineering the Corporation and X-Engineering the Corporation

Growth and Acquisitions

December 2008

Accelare acquired the Capable Company, whose leaders authored The Capable Company and Measure Up!

Customer Journey

June 2009

Accelare's work was featured in the June 2009 Harvard Business Review article, "The Next Revolution in Productivity" co-authored with Microsoft

Trade Mark

February 2011

Accelare trademarked S2E "Strategy to Execution" Process - methods


January 2014

Accelare introduces Enterprise FItness and WorkFit, the cloud-based app to support the Strategy to Execution processes around the world.

CX Developer Workfit
Workfit for ServiceNow

April 2020

Accelare launched Workfit for ServiceNow to align strategic planning, design, and execution on a single platform to help businesses run and improve existing business while simultaneously undergoing digital transformation.

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Our Platform Partners

Accelare works with the select partners who understand the difference between automation and true business model digital transformation. When innovating on a platform, our team uses the customer experience as our guiding light to inform every decision.

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Meet Our Transformation Experts

Effectively and rapidly transform with a team that is whole-heartedly invested in your wins.

Our team focuses on the delivery and management of resources to enable true digital and business model transformation at every step of your journey. With an extraordinary depth of knowledge and expertise, our specialists provide key insights and guidance to clients to achieve results that stick.