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Purpose-Driven Customer Experience

Beyond simple CX design, you need a purpose-driven, choice architecture approach to deliver breakthrough growth and customer satisfaction.

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Purpose Driven CX supercharges traditional Customer Experience tools like Customer Journeys, Service Blueprints and Empathy Maps by combining the concepts of Behavioral Economics, Service Design Thinking and Accelare’s S2E implementation framework to ensure increased customer satisfaction and drive new growth.

 Unlike some consulting firms who focus on partial solutions (concept, design, or technology/software solutions) leaving the overall implementation to the client, or internal teams that tend to take a more functional inside-out approach trapped within their current 1.0 business model dogma, the Purpose Driven CX team engages with the client in a hands-on effort driven from an outside-in perspective to leverage the benefits of new technologies and process reengineering.

If you feel your CX initiatives lack strategic grounding and operational/revenue impact, please contact us to discuss how Purpose-Driven CX might help you.

Psychographic Segmentation

Beyond traditional segmentation, understand why your customers act the ​way they do.

Persona Design & Empathy Mapping

Bring your CX to life with a set of customer psychographic archetypes that pressure test you CX ​

Service Design Lifecycle Management

A stage-gate well documented process and governance structure to ensure ​the right services are brought to market on-time and on-budget.

Customer Journey Development

Develop a corporate wide understanding of what your customers are doing​

​Service Blueprinting

Document your CX for execution and sign-off before project teams engage.

Choice Architecture

Using Behavioral Economics, focus on the Customer’s heuristic decision process and ‘nudge' them toward our desired outcome.

CX Governance

A three-tier framework that ensures the right people are making the right decisions the right time.​



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