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We Do Change Management in Organizations Differently

Organizational Change Management is more than training and messaging

Business leaders and technologist need a new approach

Digital transformation changes the way organizations do business. This kind of change improves the existing business model while simultaneously transforming the organization to adopt processes which have no analog equivalent. This kind of change requires a new kind of change managment. 

OCM starts with the Change Agenda Sponsor and their ambition for the effort. It might be the CEO if the agenda is enterprise-wide, it can be a CxO if it is a business area or it can even be a project-level transformation sponsor.

Arguably one of the most important business processes initiating organizational change is the strategic planning process.  In a time when digital transformation is required ask yourself – does our conventional strategic planning process have the elements needed to drive digital transformation?  in fact, there are four salient areas you as the CEO or Senior Executive need to address in your strategic planning.

  • Transformational elements
  • A process-based operating model
  • Enabling technologies
  • Communicate and measure


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Run, Improve, and Transform

Since our work over 20 years ago at MIT helping Michael Hammer and James Champy write the best-seller, “Reengineering the Corporation” we have been dedicated to helping organizations harness the transformational power of technology – not to automate legacy work but to profoundly transform organizations capabilities and processes, creating new products, services, experiences for customers and employees by leveraging the power of new technologies.

We work with Leadership teams across the private and public sectors to help them lead the simultaneous run and improvement agenda of their current 1.0 analog business model while they transform to their next generation 2.0 digital business model.

Giving Lecture

What is the Payoff?

“Accelares’ change management approach addresses change from the c-suite down to the front-liners.  from executive coaching and messaging to realignment of the organization, their process was prescriptive, transparent and above all effective” ~ CEO of a Major Health Insurance Company

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