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We Do Public Sector Differently

Platform-based design engineering (PDE) combined with ServiceNow’s Public Sector Digital Services (PSDS) platform helps State and Local Agencies uncover workflow opportunities that benefit both the constituent and employee.

Public sector management needs a new approach

Managing State and Local government through the lens of the organization chart (agencies and departments) often leaves constituents and employees with broken and ill-defined customer journeys. 

Shifting management’s perspective away from the org-chart and toward the services and customer experience delivered through services and workflows provides a very different picture.  Accelare Platform-based Design Engineering (PDE) facilitates service and customer experience design through a series of well defined and choreographed workshops that identify opportunities for transformational efficiencies, improved outcomes.

Unify government employees, processes, and systems on one digital platform

ServiceNow accelerates digital transformation  – improving experiences and efficiencies – with a unified data model, packaged low-code workflow and experiences tailored for government.

  • Meet your constituents where they are, via mobile of connected devices, email, phone, or kiosks.
  • Provides self-service options and assisted self-service powered by AI
  • Empower government employees with advanced work assignment, contextual workspaces, structured tasks, and knowledge management
  • Increase transparency for everyone in the chain of service delivery

Accelare’s Prescriptive Design incorporates an iterative, transformational discovery and design process necessary for Digital Transformation using a well-structured, collaborative approach between the business and the technologist. Prescriptive Design demonstrates how new technologies can be used to reengineer and design new digital business models.   Prescriptive Design takes a more assertive approach within the SDLC replacing passive order taking by demonstrating how emerging technologies enable the design of new digital business models – the results will amaze you.

Giving Lecture

What is the Payoff?

“Accelares’ Prescriptive Design Engineering method has transformed how the business, IT and our technology vendors work together.  This is one of the most important changes we have made not for IT but across the enterprise and with our key platform vendors.” ~ CIO of Major Insurance Company


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