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Reengineering the RMV

About Our Client

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is responsible for credentialing, operator licensing, vehicle registrations, and commercial and non-commercial vehicle inspection stations for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Problem

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker concisely described the problem during his inauguration speech, “When people have to wait for hours to conduct a simple transaction at the Registry of Motor Vehicles they’re not being served.”

In other words, the RMV had to run and improve while transforming! The Commonwealth asked Accelare to intervene to help.

The Approach

The Run and Improve agenda Afer a series of discrete event modeling simulations, stakeholder interviews, and traffic flow analysis, Accelare developed an approach that would first tackle most customer visible problem: The hidden wait times that kept customer standing outside in the elements. To address hidden wait time, Accelare worked with several agile client teams to design an intake process that acknowledged customers’ different levels of preparedness. By creating two lines, a green line for prepared customers ready to get a queuing ticket, and an orange line for those unprepared customers who require more assistance. The RMV’s new customer intake process operates much like a two-lane highway that allows faster cars to pass slower ones while allowing both to proceed to their destinations. To facilitate this process, signage was designed to help the customer self-select into the appropriate line while three new customer advocate positions were developed:

  1.  A Door Advocate to greet and triage customers into the appropriate line as they enter
  2.  An Orange Advocate to provide customer service (forms, guidance and information) after which the customer is directed to the green line 
  3. A Green Advocate to validate whether customers are ‘Ready to Go’ and provide a queuing ticket

The Result

The RMV was able to significantly reduced wait time in the branch and simultaneously increased customer satisfaction by following Accelare’s three step process:

  1. Eliminating hidden wait times 
  2. Balancing throughput optimization with service level targets
  3. Minimizing wait time through proactive resource planning

The initial goal of 80% under 30 minutes was being hit routinely and improvement teams were put in place to shorten time and push more customers on-line

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