Consulting & Implementation

A Rapid Customer Service Management Implementation for a Major University

About Our Client

A major university that needed to prepare its campus community – including students, faculty, employees and contractors – for a safe reopening. The university’s ultimate goal was to integrate with the state’s proprietary tracking and tracing application.

The Challenge

The university needed to provision an in-platform video outlining the protocols of a safe return to campus, along with the ability for the community to 1) attest to viewing the content, and 2) provide the ability for the viewer to agree to the compliance of the protocols. Further, the desire to stand up Knowledge and Communities on the NOW platform were table stakes…all within a two week timeframe.

The Approach

Using a ‘hack-a-thon’ approach, we first took on a goal setting session for the initiative. Those goals were turned into stories…those stories were then story pointed and acceptance criteria was added.

From there, a priority setting session was established and MVP expectations were put into place. With a budget of 50 hours, we went into rapid development and testing cycles to achieve the MVP.

The Result

We established a robust backlog that allowed for ongoing prioritization activities that met their innovation goals which included a later integration with the state tracking and tracing application. We stood up an MVP delivery that meets the university’s requirements in 50 hours, allowing for a safe reopening of their campus.

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