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Massachusetts Health Plan builds new Behavioral Health Network in six months

About AllWays Health Partners

A new kind of health plan built on the idea that insurance companies can work better.  With over 30 years of experience, AllWays Health Partners comes from a tradition of innovation, value, and customer service created from the combined strengths of Neighborhood Health Plan and Partners HealthCare.

The Problem

Recruit 1400 Behavioral Health Providers into the AllWays Health Partners Provider Network in a six-month time frame.

As part of AllWays Health Partners’ Provider Growth Strategy plan, the Provider Network operations embarked on a digital transformation project to improve operational efficiencies, design a new Provider acquisition model, and reengineer legacy processes and systems to support commercial member growth.   The primary drivers for this digital transformation were:

  • The existing Behavioral Health Provider network was not sufficient to support the newly acquired commercial members and dependents.
  • The Behavioral Health Provider Network was an 80% match compared to the competition (GAP ~ 1,400 BH providers) 

The Approach

The approach for this engagement was to utilize the Strategy to Execution process at the “Business area”.  The Accelare team Identified key processes, both core (External Facing) and operating (Internal back-office) that were necessary to execute and deliver the Network Team’s differentiated growth vision and Provider acquisition target.  Accelare leveraged the Enterprise Fitness framework and S2E Process to:

  • Identify the OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) and assign accountability
  • Design a Customer Experience/Journey map for recruiting and onboarding of new Providers.
  • Develop a “Business area” Inbound marketing (also known as “content marketing”) process model to execute the Provider Digital Experience.
  • Design and operationalize a new Provider Network Management Business Model 2.0 (Process Model).
  • Establish employee engagement (hybrid teams) to deliver on the new processes and Business model 2.0.

The Result

  • The Result

    The project team, comprised of Accelare and AllWays Health resources , utilized the Strategy-to-Execution Process to clarify the vision and strategy design for these new processes. Utilizing the WorkFit software and the Hubspot software platform, the team designed a set of unique and highly effective digital processes that leveraged personalized content to:

    • Attract Providers to AllWays Health Partners
    • Convert those Providers into the Network
    • Delight existing Providers into loyal customers

    Once completed, this solution served as the navigational compass and value differentiation to compete in the Commercial Insurance market.  

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