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Achieve True Digital Transformation with Platform-based Design Engineering

Traditional requirements gathering and systems design delivers automation. Digital transformation requires design engineers; platform masters who deliver breakthrough process designs.

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Reimagine Digital Platform Innovation

Too often, organizations get caught in the trap of solving business problems in silos – solely based on their current pain points – when designing for the future. 

This tactical thinking puts roadblocks in the way of understanding how systems – process, technology, people, data and culture – work together from and end-to-end customer perspective, putting barriers between cross-functional effectiveness and efficiency.

Breakthrough industry innovations do not come from more and deeper industry vertical expertise but from horizontal thinking, new platforms, and prescriptive design from platform masters.

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Operating Model Design

Design Engineering

Platform Implementation

SaaS Operations & Maintenance


Operating Model Design

For enterprises looking to align their operating model with their digital transformation strategy, Accelare’s Operating Model Design approach clarifies and quantifies the purpose, mission, and Values with their customer value proposition in a simple, easy to understand process-based visual.

You can digitize processes - not departments. This approach reengineers and completely redesigns your business model creating a template with digital transformation priorities specific to your business.

Unlike traditional strategy and management consulting firms that focus solely on the end-state, often neglecting the key transition components, Accelare tightly knits strategy with the operational ‘hows’ to produce a portfolio of actionable items that drive the organization toward its strategic goals.


Design Engineering

For enterprises looking to leverage low/no-code SaaS platforms to support their business processes, Accelare’s prescriptive design approach leverages the enterprise process model to demonstrate the best practice business process workflows implicit within digital transformation technology.

Accelare encourages out-of-the-box implementation (asking the business to adopt best practices) rather than the traditional approach asking the customer, “what do you want the platform to do?” and sourcing custom code and ineffectively gathering requirements.


Platform Implementation

For enterprises looking to adopt the best practice business process workflows implicit within a low/no-code PaaS/SaaS platform, Accelare combines a unique approach to organizational change management that focuses on the skills and process changes required to adopt those best practices.

We also approach platform implementation with structured agile project management to yield a cohesive and highly efficient release planning schedule.

Unlike traditional IT management consulting that focus exclusively up custom coding of self-generated user stories, Accelare takes a more holistic, out-of-the box view of implementation and release planning.


SaaS Operations & Maintenance

Organizations over-customize their platform, automating legacy processes instead of reengineering their operations to adopt best practices. Accelare's approach to business requirements and prescriptive business process design carries through to operations and maintenance, addressing fundamental change management in Dev Ops and Upgrade Management. We solution business and technical issues associated with operating PaaS/SaaS platforms over the entire ownership life-cycle including:

  • TCO of code customization and technical debt management
  • IT and Business governance requirements of PaaS/SaaS
  • Financial implications of PaaS/SaaS (OpEx) versus on-prem (CapEx)
  • Release management and legacy code maintenance

This process is not as trivial as simply choosing a leading vendor. Accelare views PaaS/SaaS through an outsourcing lens to ensure the organization is appropriately positioned to manage the operational risk of the PaaS/SaaS opportunity.

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Unleash the full potential of your NOW platform by maximizing your capabilities to create a seamless end-to-end experience. Through the customer experience lens, discover innovative digital workflows using Customer Service Management, Field Service Management, IT Business Management, and IT Service Management.

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