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The traditional strategy process can’t deliver digital transformation – it simply wasn’t design for it.

Will your conventional strategy process work in an era of digital transformation?

No.   it simply wasn’t designed for it.  The conventional strategy, planning and budgeting process cannot on what businesses need to compete in an era of digital transformation.  There are many missing elements which are missing and critical to a contemporary strategy process.  These include; operating model redesign, rationalization of your product/service catalog, customer, trading partner and employee experience design. 

"How will it affect me and my organization?"

In his book, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution“, Klaus Schwab stated that, “The question for all industries and companies, without exception, is no longer am I going to be disrupted but when is disruption coming, what form will it take, and how will it affect me and my organization?”

“The IT strategy is the business strategy”​

Bill McDermott – the CEO of ServiceNow uses this shorthand statement to say that IT and transformational new technologies are a critical driver and enabler of new digital business models and therefore a critical part of strategy.  When new technologies are embedded in your product, service and customer experience it is core to strategy.  Competing means you must embrace and leverage these new technologies across your operating model faster and more effectively than your competitors.  Digital operating model design as a center-piece of strategy means that the CIO and/or CTO must play a critical role in facilitating the content of the enterprise strategy.  The CIO cannot sit back, they must use prescriptive design techniques to help the business executives understand and then apply new technologies to transform the business model. This work is an essential part of strategy yet most strategy processes do not include any of these elements.  

Digitize end-to-end processes not departments

Before you can understand the relevant technologies for your business, you must understand your processes.  Most businesses still use a functional hierarchy and an organization chart to describe and govern their operating model, shape their project agenda and allocate budgets.  Creation of a process model of the enterprise is a first order strategy challenge –  this creates the context for applying new technologies to transform your business model and a new way to allocate resources.

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Where's the Pay Off?

Accelare has developed the Strategy-to-Execution process – it is a critical new approach to strategy, operating model design, planning, budgeting and governance.  This process and Accelare’s help is facilitating our new process has been essential to our success” ~ CEO Healthcare Organization

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