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Leading Digital Transformation is new territory for most Executive Teams – start with a shared framework

What is Digital Transformation?

This term, while used frequently, lacks a common definition and approach.  At Accelare, we define digital transformation as leveraging new technologies to simultaneously run and improve your 1.0 business model while you orchestrate the transformation to your 2.0 business model. New enabling technologies drive the vision and development of  new business model innovations to fundamentally reengineer how you operate and deliver breakthroughs in performance, value and experiences for customers, trading partners and employees.

Leadership teams benefit greatly from starting with a common understanding of Digital Transformation and what it takes to sponsor and lead transformation.  Transforming your business model from a conventional analog model rooted in functional hierarchy to a digital model rooted in process is a centerpiece of modern strategy but most strategy and planning processes lack these vital elements. 

Changes to the Strategy Process are required

Central to a modern strategy process is the ability to develop a process model of the enterprise – because you digitize end-to-end processes not departments. This process model of the enterprise is a critical first step to assessment and digital transformation.  Then a business persons’ guide to the new technologies leading organizations are applying in your industry.

A custom retreat for your situation

Accelare works with the CEO or sponsor for 3 days to develop a custom one or two day retreat to bring these new skills to your leaders by customizing the curriculum for your business.  After a brief situation assessment and framework introduction the Leadership team is put to work to develop the missing elements in your strategy and to practice with your current situation as the real life case study.

Transformational Leadership requires new skills over conventional Leadership and this is the forum where those skills start to be developed.

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Where's the Pay Off?

If taking your business model apart piece-by-piece and reassembling it in a new order to take advantage of new technologies is not your number one priority – I would like to know what is?” – Michael Hammer

This hands-on retreat was the best strategy and operating model assessment and planning exercise I have ever experienced” – Client Board Member

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