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S2E: Strategy-to-Execution

"The question for all industries and companies, without exception, is no longer am I going to be disrupted but when is disruption coming, what form will it take and how will it affect me and my organization?”  ~ Klaus Schwab, "The Fourth Industrial Revolution"

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Consulting that Helps You Cross the Digital Transformation Chasm

Traditional, analog strategy, operating model design and planning processes cannot deliver digital transformation – they weren’t designed for it.

Ask most executive teams to describe their Strategy-to-Execution process and they'll describe a traditional annual administrative planning and budgeting process. For generations of businesses this may have been sufficient however, in a time of rapid change and new technologies – this is not. Technology is not a bolt-on to your traditional business model to automate it - it is a fundamental driving factor in the design of your next generation business model.

Accelare's Strategy to Execution process helps executives move from the status quo to more modern and competitive operating models.  S2E helps decision-makers and their teams build consensus around the people, processes, and technologies needed to support those new operating models. By defining and executing both a “run and improve” and “transformation” portfolio, organizations can deliver on both their short-term revenue goals and long-term strategic growth (see how your organization compares to others).

The 4 Domains of Strategy to Execution (s2e) The 4 Domains of S2E


Value Innovation & Customer Experience


Operational Innovation & Agility


Organizational Engagement


Financial Health



Value Innovation & Customer Experience

Value Innovation and Customer Experience evaluates the organization's ability to rapidly define and deliver new services/products in a consistent and efficient manner.  It also focuses attention on the organizations ability to define and deliver a delightful customer experience by identifying critical interactions along the customer journey and mapping those interactions to the organization's operating model. 


Operational Innovation & Agility

Operational Innovation/Agility analyzes the organization’s ability to realign human capital, business process, and current technology to anticipate and capitalize on market shifts. This requires the organization adopt a new governance model that expands beyond the current org-chart perspective (an inside-out view of what the employees do for the organization) to include a new, outside-in capability based structure. This new perspective describes what existing capabilities need to be improved to run the current 1.0 business model and what new capabilities need to be developed in order to execute its’ new 2.0 business strategy.


Organizational Engagement

Organizational Engagement evaluates the organization’s capacity to build alignment and active employee participation by evaluating the its ability to articulate its strategy in clear unambiguous objectives along with well defined instrumentation that will measure progress toward those objectives over time. 

Oganizational Engagement is the connective tissue that aligns the traditional org-chart with the new Enterprise Capability Model using the objectives and measurement instrumentation defined by senior management.


Financial health

Financial Health assesses the organization’s ability to allocate capital to create short-term and long-term value for their stakeholders. Too often short-term "Run and Improve" investments crowd out long-term, strategic "Transformation" investments. Explicitly separating the project portfolio into two distinct agendas, S2E organizations yield both short-term returns while maintaining long-term growth (i.e., avoid being Amazoned).


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Upon completion of the assessment we will send you a complimentary, customized report tailored to your organization. Additionally, our team of experts will make recommendations and provide further insights as to your company’s strengths and the area of opportunity.


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