Consulting & Implementation

5-Day Implementation of ServiceNow's VAM at a Nationally Ranked Health System

About Our Client

A nationally-ranked, non-profit health system. They have two campuses and between them 384 pediatric beds. Their specialties span all ages – they have two hospitals, they also have 12 primary and specialty care clinics, and six rehabilitation sites.

The Problem

This non-profit, nationally ranked, health system recently launched their first COVID-19 vaccine administration clinic earlier this year.

Upon opening, there were 1,000s of patients – an unprecedented volume, waiting outside to be immunized. There were immediate concerns from high wait times to long lines, from appointment scheduling confusion to vaccine inventory management issues that required urgent attention.

The Approach

We built a strong connection with their entire team which lead to uniting all of the players quickly and meaningfully. In just 5 days, together as a team, we developed, tested, and orchestrated smooth end-to-end experiences for both citizen patients and healthcare employees.

Our team provided additional customization to enable inventory management and vaccine management connected to appointment scheduling, a feature not yet offered on ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box VAM application. We also implemented reporting to their standards according to state guidelines.

The Result

The speed of implementation, team collaboration, massive turnaround of the initial concerns, and ability to bulk schedule days in advance, all while delivering a ‘smooth, organized, and orchestrated’ experience is absolutely incredible.

From the time the clinic opened to the VAM Go-Live, we saw an 88% decrease in wait times! Additionally, by noon the first day, 750 vaccines were administered to patients effortlessly.

“Your team was instrumental in the success of this program and certainly the key in allowing us to spread more hope one shot at a time! Thank you!” – Meghan Delgado, EHS Manager

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