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As a trusted ServiceNow Premier Partner, we push the boundaries of your team and platform capabilities with critical thinking through the customer lens.

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Visit our "Deliver Effortless Customer Experiences" page to discover resources and insights to provide differentiated CX!

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Our ServiceNow Expertise

Deliver innovative solutions that deliver results. 

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Customer Service Management

Placing the Customer's Experience (CX) as the standard for success, Accelare leverages our patented ‘S2E’ process to ensure a holistic implementation to ultimately deliver the value outcomes of adoption, self-service, faster resolution time and engaged agents.

Visit our web page Deliver Effortless Customer Experiences to find resources and key insight from our CX team!


IT Business Management

Accelare’s drives unparalleled value of ITBM in delivering a continuous planning process to changing environments and priorities, engaging employees, and planning to demand with your customer’s highest priorities in mind.

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Field Service Management

Bring your field service capabilities into the modern era and deliver differentiated service quality by managing location-based work efficiently and effectively through the automation of work assignments to resources with availability and the required skills for the diverse tasks at hand.

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IT Service Management

Start your digital transformation journey with your one stop shop solution to improving productivity and delivering valuable insights that will delight the customer. Our approach helps you deliver success with consistent processes and efficiency gains via automated workflows, transparency and accountability via actionable reports & dashboards.

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WorkFit on the NOW Platform

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WorkFit Capability Mapper

Discover a better way to design, visualize, and map your business model on the NOW platform. Tailor your measurements to fit your business needs.

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WorkFit OKR Tracker

Clearly identify high-level objectives and define how you are going to get there to execute your strategy with winning results.

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WorkFit Product Suite

Built by our team of experts to transform your business and operating model for the future.

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