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New $350M federal grant for state & territory crash systems

January 31, 2024

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a new federal grant opportunity worth a total of $350M for the modernization of state & territory crash systems. The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) includes new details about eligible uses, how states may apply for the grant, and NHTSA evaluation criteria. 

This grant – which is separate from traditional 405c funding – is intended to encourage states to upgrade and standardize their electronic crash data systems, and increase the accuracy, timeliness, and accessibility of crash data. Through this grant NHTSA wants to “create a system that will more rapidly and comprehensively identify recent changes, expand the number of insights derived from the data, and better enable analysis to inform policy and decision making”  (Source document: NHTSA NOFO #693JJ924R000025).

Key points about NHTSA’s grant notification

  • Timing: Applications are due May 1, 2024. Previously NHTSA indicated grant award decisions would
    be made in Fall 2024.
  • Funding: The grants are discretionary and therefore states will need to apply to be awarded funding.
    The program requires states to provide a 20% funding match. Funds must be expended by not later
    than five years after the date on which the grant is awarded.
  • Eligible uses: States may use the funding to upgrade a statewide crash data repository, adopt
    electronic crash reporting by law enforcement agencies, and increase alignment of State crash data
    with the latest Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC).
  • Evaluation criteria: NTHSA will use the following criteria to decide on grant awards:
    • Technical approach
    • Project management
    • Alignment to MMUCC
    • Data quality, and
    • Crash data system coordination.

A Technology solution that meets NHTSA’s funding criteria

Accelare is well versed with the NHTSA NOFO and can assist states and territories apply for the grant at no charge. Accelare and ServiceNow have also already developed and implemented a Crash Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offering for states. This technology solution meets the grant requirements and the implementation costs can be funded by the new grant.

Based on our review of the NOFO and conversations with NTSHA, we are confident a state project plan that incorporates our crash offering will score well in the application process.

Accelare’s CPaaS offering:

Accelare’s CPaaS offering: 

  • Complies with NTSHA technical requirements and recently updated MMUCC 6 standards
  • Helps states improve data quality
  • Implements quickly (less than a year) and demonstrates a strong project management plan
  • Makes it easier for a state to coordinate the data among state transportation and public safety agencies, local law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders
  • Adapts to changes in state and federal needs and requirements

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