What is an Operating Model in Business?

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In the complex and ever-evolving business landscape, understanding the intricacies of an operating model is crucial for any organization aiming to achieve strategic goals and maintain a competitive edge. But what is an operating model? This blog explores the essence of operating models, shedding light on what they are and how they differ from business […]

6 Mistakes to Avoid During Strategy Execution

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When an organization has successful strategy execution, it is more likely to go from good to great. Strategy to execution affects every part of a business, and its effective use is essential for not only an organization’s success but its survival. A strategy to execution approach is specifically designed to help a business transform its […]

5 Advantages of Having an Effective Strategy to Execution Process

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Strategy to execution processes is how an organization accomplishes its goals, objectives, and outcomes. An effective strategy to execution process does more than deliver strategic results; it has the potential to optimize business operations, resulting in effective and efficient execution of strategy. Effective and efficient execution of strategy results in increased success across the board. […]

How to Create an Effective Digital Transformation Roadmap

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As an organization aligns around its digital transformation strategy, it is forced to answer a critical question. ‘How do we maintain and ideally improve our existing business operations while executing our digital transformation strategy?’ Organizations aren’t built to drop everything and ‘transform’ overnight, so the run & improve initiatives that deliver value to customers must […]

What Are the Key Components of an Operating Model Design?

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Effective operating model design is critical to achieving strategic results. Without designing the operating model to focus on the strategic agenda, organizations are set up to fail. A successful discussion of the key components of operating model designs starts with operating capabilities. Often, organizations lean on functional roles, determined via an org chart, when designing […]

What is a Business Model? Innovating for Digital Disruption

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The concept of a business model is at the forefront of recent discussions in the realm of innovation and digital disruption. In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, businesses must adapt their business model and evolve to stay competitive. This exploration delves into the fundamental question, “What is a Business Model?” focusing specifically on […]

3 Challenges of Digital Disruption & How to Overcome Them

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We are amidst a rapidly evolving digital age, and it’s not slowing down. Every industry and business encounters daunting challenges and exciting opportunities with each technological advancement. This phenomenon rightly earns the name digital disruption. In this blog, we discuss how to meet the three critical challenges of digital disruption, giving you the tools to […]

What is the Total Cost of Ownership and Why Is It Important?

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The total cost of ownership, TCO, is used to calculate the true cost of a product, which includes its purchase price, and other costs associated with its implementation. A key feature of TCO is its ability to reveal “hidden” costs associated with a product. TCO is also used to show the value of a product […]

System Selection: Selecting the Right Systems for Your Business

System Selecting

Selecting the right systems for a business is a tough task that many businesses get wrong. The right system for a business does not just mean the functionality a system can provide. There are more details businesses should be considering, and there are a few best practices and steps businesses can follow that will ensure […]

What is SaaS Procurement and Do You Need It for Your Business?

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In recent years, Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS as it is better known, has been one of the leading trends among software providers. Rather than implementing IT systems on servers owned by customers and having to implement costly upgrades, software vendors maintain control of their applications and sell licenses for access to their customers. While this approach […]

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