How Digital Disruption Impacts Businesses: Ways & Examples

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We live in a time of radical business evolution. Technological innovations are fundamentally changing industries, businesses, and customer journeys. This major shake-up is aptly named digital disruption for its ability to do everything from disturbing to reinvigorating how we do business. And there is no time like now to ask, “How does digital disruption impact […]

Building a Digital Transformation Strategy: 4 Principles

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Today’s business world is on the cusp of rapid transformation. One must look no further than ChatGPT to sense the ground shifting beneath them. Digital transformation – the deliberate act of embracing new technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, etc., to transform your business model – is no longer a topic for future discussion […]

What is Business Model Innovation?

Business Model Innovation at Work

Business Model Innovation (BMI) is more than just a set of incremental changes; it represents a holistic and radical transformation of how a company creates and delivers value to its customers. Most importantly, from the shareholder’s view, BMI represents how it generates revenue or profits through the value proposition. While some may be well-versed in […]

Roles and Responsibilities of Business Architect

People Centric

NOTE: When I refer to “Business Architects” here, I am referring to anyone playing the role of the business architect. This could be business managers, enterprise architects, business analysts, strategists, etc. We don’t need the title of business architect to be one. When we do “business architecture things” we are acting as business architects. What […]

How to Improve Your Personal Productivity With an Agile Approach

Improve Agility

Here at Accelare, we know how to help companies improve their productivity at the corporate level through digital transformation. But any organization’s productivity is based on its employees’ individual productivity levels. And, with working remotely becoming widespread, we imagine it’s a question you’d like answered. In this article, we will answer the following questions: What […]

The Evolution of the Service Economy

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become the nervous system for nearly every organization big and small.  Fundamentally ERP links functional business groups (Sales, Accounting, Marketing, HR, Production, etc.) through a centralized shared data model as a means of coordinating the Division of Labor first referenced in Adam Smith’s Pin Factory.   ERP’s origins come from concepts first […]

Unleashing Business Strategy with A Transformation Manifesto

S2E Strategy

By Richard Lynch and Jack Calhoun Our colleagues, Jim Champy and the late Mike Hammer provocatively used the term “manifesto” in their book, “Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution.” We believe an amendment is needed. We proposed the following tenets are needed to transform obsolete business models: For more information on Transformation, we welcome […]

Crack the Code: 3 Ways to Improve Business-to-Government Communication

B to G Communication

Years ago when I was a Case Manager at the Tennessee Department of Human Services, I encountered a problem while determining a customer’s eligibility for benefits. The numbers were not adding up, and I couldn’t figure out why, so I approached my supervisor. I still remember how quickly she identified the problem, and how casually she […]

Moments of Truth on the Customer Journey in the Service World

Customer Journey in Service World

The last time you bought health insurance, financial services, a driver’s license, internet/mobile phone services, or for that matter any service, did you feel like your online customer journey was well designed and mapped out? Or did you feel like a customer experience (Cx) pioneer “boldly going where no customer had gone before”? What are […]

Build a Better Business: Balance Employee Needs and Business Needs

Employee and Business Needs

Throughout our SAFE Return to Work series, we’ve discussed the many business challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most top of mind issues is whether remote work is working. We think it is. We also think there’s still a lot of room for improvement, but take this one step further and ask a […]

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