3 Things That All Non-Profits Should Know

by Allison Duchesneau, on Aug 9, 2017 4:36:31 PM


Three Leaves of TransformationIn my last blog I talked about how an amazing non-profit, called the Wonderfund, used contemporary business tools to completely reinvent itself. As a result, there were 3 key takeaways that I believe all non-profit organizations could benefit from knowing. 

3 Things All Non-Profits Can Learn from the Wonderfund’s Transformation

1. It's Never Too Late to Reinvent Your Operating Model

You might be thinking, “I have been pretty successful with my current model, why change?” Of course you have been successful; you wouldn’t be standing here today if otherwise. But, have you ever wondered if there could be more? Is there a way you can effect more change? Impact more lives? The Wonderfund did.

Pivotal to the Wonderfund's transformation was the articulation of a contemporary non-profit model. Illustrated below is a partial set of the capabilities they identified. Each of the colors refer to how well the capability is currently performing, which allowed them to recognize the areas that need the most improvement. Based on these capabilities generated in WorkFit (tool shown in Table 1), the Wonderfund decided to invest in a new donor management system, financial system, and service catalogue. 

Table 1


2. Utilize Modernization and Social Media

While the idea of revamping your public image on Twitter and LinkedIn may appear daunting, in doing so, you can connect to a new population of people that are likely interested in your organization.

The Wonderfund relaunch, which included complete rebranding and image change (from A&G), new website design (from GetFused), S2E implementation (from Accelare), and a revamp on Social Media, has allowed the organization to raise 100% more money in the last 6 months then it did in the entire calendar year of 2016.

Watch this video on Strategy to Execution to see how we began our approach in helping the Wonderfund reinvent its operating model. 

3. Work With a Board That Cares 

Having an engaged Board is the key to success in any organization, especially non-profits. The Board of Directors have always supported and appreciated the fund for its mission and impact on Massachusetts’ neediest children. However, the excitement and participation of the Board kicked into high gear once they learned about the Fund’s potential to reach even more children. The outcome: each individual Board member contributed ideas based on his or her own expertise, resulting in a fully collaborative and inclusive growth effort. 

Bottom Line

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t settle for less, and never stop thinking about how you can make an even bigger impact on the world.

If you are interested in learning how to grow your non-profit or organization download our free WorkFit demo below to get started!

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