The Waiting is The Hardest Part....Not Any More!

by Mark McCormick, on Mar 1, 2018 2:14:24 PM

"The Waiting", a Tom Petty and Heartbreakers hit, makes no reference to spending time at the Massachusetts RMV.   The song does, however, describe the customer experience most of us have felt visiting the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).   One single point of entry, mixing prepared customers with unprepared customers, resulting in unnecessary delay, frustration and a very unsatisfactory customer visit .  Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker more concisely described the situation during his inauguration speech, “When people have to wait for hours to conduct a simple transaction at the Registry of Motor Vehicles they're not being served”.  To remedy this, the Commonwealth asked Accelare to intervene.

The outcome of this engagement focused on transforming the RMV customer experience. The idea was for customers who have their paperwork already completed to wait in a different“express” line.  These new queues are marked with signs painted green, while regular lines are marked with orange signs. The RMV has started introducing express lines at some of its branches, giving RMV customers the chance to skip out on some extra line waiting if they come to the Registry prepared.

I had a chance to experience this transformation first hand.   A few weeks ago, I accompanied my wife, to the RMV in Braintree, MA. She had to have a new photo taken for the renewal of her driver's license. She prepared by going online and printing the form required. The whole duration was a total of nine minutes from the time we checked in at 11:05 to getting back in our car at 11:14.  

I asked the greeter at the RMV how she liked the system. She said, "It works great. Kids accompanying their parents really like it too."

To all the team that worked on this project, we are extremely proud of the value you brought to the taxpayers of Massachusetts.  "The Waiting" is no longer the hardest part...customers are now singing "Life in The Fast Lane.." This clearly has allowed taxpayers to miss less work resulting in millions of hours of positive impact to the states Gross Domestic Product.  Read more about the RMV Customer Experience transformation:

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