Select the Right Solution to Build Your Business 2.0 Capabilities

by Steve Sexton, on May 1, 2018 11:10:02 AM

Are your existing applications at the end of their useful life? Are you considering which technology strategy is right for your company and how today’s cloud platforms and applications align to your business needs? If you are seeking to evaluate and re-platform major business applications you appreciate evaluation and selection is not a trivial exercise. There are many considerations to ensure business value will be delivered by a chosen provider – feature/function, workflows, extensibility, user experience, mobility, analytics, release management, product roadmap and so forth.

There is so much to assess that we often don’t step back enough to view the larger picture to fully consider the business’ strategy and future requirements for the solution to be selected. To avoid this challenge, try using a capability centric approach that begins with revisiting strategy and defining what capabilities are required to support it. As depicted in the HR / Talent Management example below this helps answer questions such as “How will the business model change?" and "What is required from essential business functions such as HR that support competitive advantage?”


Solution Selection Process

Accelare’s WorkFit also provides a great way to visualize how evaluated solutions support your capabilities, requirements and architecture. Existing modern 2.0 capability models serve as a great starting point to define capabilities, prioritize requirements, and map use cases for vendor evaluation.

In the excerpt shown below, Solution A has a limited ability to support recruiting, however the product roadmap is understood to address existing release gaps. Solution B has no ability to support recruiting and the gap will exist for the foreseeable future.

Accelare-WorkFit Capability Model

When complete, the value in this approach is two-fold – the evaluation process 1) results in the selection of the best technology solution and 2) identifies related architecture, process, people, and organization modifications that may be necessary to realize the full value of the solution when implemented.

For related reading, download Accelare’s case study on helping a public sector client evaluate its HR capability and technology platform options.



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