Strategy to Execution 101 – New Webinar

by Jeff Scott, on May 27, 2016 10:52:10 AM

An adept leader knows how to apply and enhance his organization’s capabilities to deliver more value - directly to customers or indirectly through supporting activities. While most leaders know what they want their organizations to accomplish, they struggle to translate their vision into focused and effective action. As their strategies move across and down the organization, strategic intent becomes distorted, diluting business impact and wasting valuable resources. Executives need a well-defined process to manage the translation of their vision and strategy into targeted, synchronized execution – a strategy-to-execution process.WorkFitFlowdiagram.png

The Strategy-to-Execution Process
The strategy-to-execution process provides a structured approach to clarifying, communicating, implementing, and managing strategy. The goal of this process is to ensure the organization focuses on developing high-value capabilities and making investments that optimize value. Implementing the strategy-to-execution process ensures that executive intent is translated throughout the entire organization consistently and results in focused, coordinated, and synergistic action.

Attend our new webinar to learn more on how you can enable your company’s strategy-to-execution process and create long-lasting business success.

Strategy-to-Execution Webinar 101
Business Leaders and Business Architects, when they work together, enable better business results through a more effective Strategy to Execution Process.
Business Leaders have accountability for building an organization that is agile and adaptive. This requires being very clear about the capabilities that will set them apart from their competitors and identify clear targets for future investments. Effective business architects and architecture practices play a key role in strategy execution. Learn about the 3 critical steps business leaders count on from their business architecture practices to achieve long-lasting business performance success.

Join Jack Calhoun and Jeff Scott as they discuss what you can do to improve the collaboration between leaders and business architects to yield better insights and better strategy execution.

What: Accelare Webinar Series - Strategy to Execution 101
When: Friday, June 3, 2016 - 10:30AM ET



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