Part 1: Supercharge Your OKRs & Empower Your Remote Workforce

by Mark Withington, on Aug 24, 2020 1:15:00 PM

COVID-19 and social distancing has forced organizations (and society in general) to adapt lifestyle and work patterns in a remarkably short time. For many knowledge workers that has meant working from home via Zoom™, Teams™, or other remote collaboration tools. For most, tactically mastering these meetings has meant ensuring the camera doesn’t turn-on inadvertently and determining who’s causing the awful audio reverberation and asking them to go on mute.

A more troublesome byproduct of remote work, however, has revealed how woefully inadequate and antiquated our organizational management styles have become – with many individuals struggling to manage and be managed remotely while achieving the organization’s goals and strategy.

Even organizations that have adopted Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives (MBOs), a strategic management framework originally developed in the 1950s, find that today’s remote work has complex layers. This has exacerbated the organization’s challenge to run-and-improve current operations while transforming to remain competitive and address new opportunities.

The dramatic shift to remote work brings a whole host of new challenges to organizations. The good news? Our proven Objectives & Key Results (OKR) methodology and platform solution empower organizations to remain productive in this new working environment. Learn more about our OKR solution by clicking the link below!

Our OKR Solution

Enter OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)….

In his book, “Measure What Matters[i]”, John Doerr described the performance management framework he calls Objectives and Key Results (or OKRs) as having four key Superpowers that help an enterprise:

  1. Focus and Commit to Priorities
  2. Stretch for Amazing
  3. Align and Connect for Teamwork
  4. Track for Accountability

Doerr cites numerous examples in the book from Intel, to Google, to Bono who have used OKRs to achieve remarkable results.

Simply stated, OKRs are the coordinated planning efforts of individuals within an organization identifying the high-level objectives – or WHAT they intend to accomplish over the year as measured by a very concise set of key results – which are operational metrics that indicate progress toward the objective… and then sharing those OKRs across the enterprise.

Doerr’s superpowers – particularly, “Align and Connect for Teamwork” – leave it to the reader to ensure the run-and-improve and transformational projects and objectives. This requires teamwork and collaboration align with the corporate strategy necessary to navigate today’s competitively crowded marketplace; a perfectly reasonable assumption intended to limit the book’s scope and help it ‘stay in its lane’.

However, we’re finding that the challenge to “Align and Connect for Teamwork” has become the Achilles Heel of remote work. Namely, how do we ensure the remote workforce is:

  1. Aligned
  2. Connected (e.g., motivated)

to achieve the organization’s Run-and-Improve and Transform OKRs. And perhaps more to the point: how do we manage these teams and individuals on a daily basis.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to present our breakthrough solution to you! By providing the methodology and platform solution to align and connect, remote work teams are empowered to deliver results.

Visit Workfit OKR Tracker to:

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  • Learn how OKRs transform employee focus in a remote workforce environment.
  • Increase your velocity towards on-time OKR completion by leveraging Accelare's NOW solution to support your strategy execution.

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[i] John Doerr, Measure What Matters (Apr 24, 2018 Penguin Random House)

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