Ready for Customer Journeys?

by Matt Burke, on Jun 18, 2015 3:30:00 PM

Summer is upon us and vacation planning is well underway. What exciting journey are you going on? Unfortunately, I recently missed out on a journey of a lifetime. A group of friends is off on a ten day hike through the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. What an exciting journey.

The good news is I was able to experience an interesting  journey just last week.  A journey most of us get to experience every day. No travel involved, but an experience of a lifetime. I went on a customer journey.

My journey's objective was to take the enjoyment of my backyard to a higher level. This journey started like most with hours of research and planning. Reading countless reviews and social media posts. Once I had the information I needed the decision was made. I had found my Mosquito Spray company. I spent the next few days traveling through several website pages, creating multiple passwords, filling out forms, and spending hours on the phone with support. After several missed appointments and an increase in bug bites, I decided to end my journey. Not quite the trip to Machu Picchu, but just as exhausting.  One I will never take again. Sound familiar?

One of the biggest challenges facing companies is the ability to skillfully manage the entire customer experience to:WorkFit Customer Experience

  • enhanced customer satisfaction
  • reduced churn
  • increase revenue and
  • provide greater employee satisfaction.

Accelare is preparing to release a major WorkFit update designed on the Customer Journey experience.

This upcoming release will provide WorkFit customers a platform to manage the customer's end-to-end journey. 

Click below to start your journey with a preview of WorkFit 8.4.





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