The Wonderfund: A Non-Profit with Everything to Gain

by Allison Duchesneau, on Aug 1, 2017 8:30:38 AM

Accelare - Wonderfund S2E Case StudyPerhaps one of the toughest jobs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is being a Child Welfare Social Worker for the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Servicing over 50,000 children at any point during the year (a number which is sadly growing) this organization is responsible for looking after our state’s most vulnerable children.

While the news tends to capitalize primarily on the few DCF cases that involve domestic abuse, one thing that has been chronically over-looked is the hope and opportunity provided to these individuals by the DCF Kids Fund — recently re-launched as the Wonderfund.

The Wonderfund is a unique nonprofit: embedded inside the Department of Children and Families, yet it is independent in its leadership and mission. Surprisingly, the fund was established in 1998 and has stayed the exact same… until now.

The Wonderfund had sustained itself for two decades through a small loyal donor base who realized its power, mission, and reach to be unparalleled to that of any other state-wide children’s charity. The fund works in conjunction with DCF to ensure that each of its children have the opportunities to grow, learn, and succeed in a world that has started out a bit tougher than most.

All kids deserve to have carefree moments to play, to dream, and to grow. And when a child is neglected or abused, those moments are taken away. The Wonderfund gives us an opportunity to give them back.

- First Lady of Massachusetts, Lauren Baker

Accelare was brought in shortly after a change in leadership to help with, as one DCF employee put it, “the business-y stuff.” We were challenged to help design a scalable business model, install basic infrastructure, and initiate an aggressive rebranding effort with the help of the board and many partners.

To read more about the Wonderfund's transformation, download our detailed case study below!



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