The Agility Trap

by Richard Lynch, on Dec 2, 2016 9:22:00 AM

If you’re like 87% of executives who responded to a 2016 Global Survey, digital transformation is currently a significant strategic challenge for your business.

The survey resulted in The Agility Trap - Global Study into the State of Digital Transformation. The trap occurs when organizations seeking rapid digital transformation run fast and then get stuck due to organization and technical complexity.

The 23-page report is well worth a read. Here are five highlights:

  1. 70% of organizations agree that transformation efforts are undermined by the internal complexity of their organization.
  2. 63% feel they neglect the implications and depth of IT/systems change when trying to build engaging services and better user experience.
  3. 75% of public sector executives agree that change is required due to shifts in customer expectations around innovation, service and delivery; just slightly lower that the average of all sectors (81%).
  4. Agility of IT is the biggest risk factor.
  5. Across the globe only 25% of organization believe that their infrastructure is agile enough to make change happen

At Accelare, we see this trap in many of our clients.  Our S2E approach addresses people, process and technology issues simultaneously.  Getting a clear and aligned strategy is an important first step.  However, as the late Jay Forrester taught us, businesses are complex systems and must be addressed holistically. It’s as if the components in the Figure are connected by slack ropes. Accelare - Business Diamond If you start changing one component, you will soon be held back by one of the others or worse the infrastructure snaps and halts progress.  Alignment needs to go deeper into the organization and technical architecture as well as measurement systems.

No one ever said transformation is easy; but can be less painful using the S2E process.

Download the full report here!

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