Introducing the WorkFit Product Blog

by Mark McCormick, on Jun 10, 2015 8:55:42 AM

WorkFitFlowdiagramAs our community of WorkFit users has grown to thousands of users, we have been challenged to reach all of the users to share tips and tricks to get even more out of WorkFit. Every day, one of our customers uncovers a new way to use WorkFit to build more productive companies, departments, and teams. And every 60 days or so, we release updates to WorkFit that incorporates the great ideas on capability based strategic planning and execution from the community. This blog is our attempt to answer that challenge of communicating how to build the most productive organization possible.

Our goal is to post weekly. The senior product team leaders, Matt Burke, Community Manager, and Justin Lee, Manager of Application Development, will use this forum to share customer best practices, communicate specific how to’s, and give sneak previews of upcoming features. On occasion, we will have guest posts from clients and the Accelare consulting team on the same topics.

We are honored to have you in our community and thank you for the great product ideas. Success, for us, is measured in how many of our clients have increased their “Enterprise Fitness.”

We hope you’ll come back often.  


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