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PDCX: Purpose-Driven Customer Experience


Beyond simple CX design, you need a purpose-driven, customer experience architecture approach to deliver breakthrough growth and customer satisfaction.

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Purpose Driven Customer  Experience supercharges traditional CX tools like customer journeys, service blueprints and empathy maps by combining the concepts of behavioral economics, service design thinking and Accelare’s S2E implementation framework to drive increased customer satisfaction and breakthrough growth.

Accelare's PDCX Maturity Assessment empowers leadership with the knowledge to identify gaps in organizational CX strategy and delivery. This report provides a clear picture of the strengths and areas opportunity across five key CX domains to determine how to best mobilize and align your people, processes, and technology around enterprise objectives.

The 5 Domains of Customer Experience Strategy & Delivery

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Governance refers to the organizational (policies and procedures) and operational (tools and methodology) infrastructure necessary to ensure consistent, high quality Customer Experience is built into every projects, service and program the organization introduces throughout the year.

CX Governance would include actions such as:

  • Specifying Customer Experience within the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Utilizing standard CX tools such as Journey Mapping, Personas, and Empathy Maps
  • Conducting end-to-end UAT testing of the CX within a controlled environment (e.g., model office or test environment)
  • Formulating a specific CX Center of Excellence, or governing body responsible for developing and overseeing CX policies 


Recognition looks at the customer experience through the lens of the executive management team. How has the C-suite shaped the organizational culture regarding Customer Experience? Is Customer experience an underlying theme within the organization, or simply a “buzzword” that is sprinkled liberally throughout PowerPoint slides? Can senior executives articulate CX in terms of:

  • Their role in defining and maintaining the customer experience
  • The tools and artifacts used to deliver it consistently
  • The process in which they evaluate and transform the experience to remain competitive


CSat & Metrics determine whether Customer Experience outcomes are defined and driven by the overall corporate strategy, or simply at the project level. It also evaluates whether the organization has incorporated the necessary CX instrumentation to ensure real-time measurement, compilation and presentation via some sort of dashboarding.


Methodology evaluates whether the organization has developed a set of standardized CX tools and templates to define and design the Customer Experience. Whether the organization maintains the output of those tools in a centralized and accessible repository, and finally whether the tools and templates are incorporated within the organizations systems development life cycle (SDLC).


Delivery Acknowledges that the organization’s Services are delivered through Customer Journeys, and that those Services and Journeys are continually tested throughout the Service’s lifecycle to ensure they are delivering the quality defined. It also confirms that the organization correlates CX quality using four Moments of Truth (MoTs) first introduced by A.G. Lafley Chairman, President & CEO of marketing powerhouse Proctor & Gamble:

  • Zero moment of truth (ZMoT) - refers to the customer online research about a product or service before taking any action.
  • First moment of truth (1st MOT) - Consideration to Purchase or the "moment a consumer chooses a product over the other competitor’s offerings".
  • Second moment of truth (2nd MOT): Experienced Value or when a customer purchases a product and experiences its quality as per the promise of the brand.
  • Third moment of truth (3rd MOT) - Consumers feedback or reaction towards a brand, product or service i.e., consumer becomes brand advocate and gives back via word of mouth or social media publishing.

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