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PDCX: Purpose-Driven Customer Experience


Beyond simple CX design, you need a purpose-driven, customer experience architecture approach to deliver breakthrough growth and customer satisfaction.

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Purpose Driven Customer  Experience supercharges traditional CX tools like customer journeys, service blueprints and empathy maps by combining the concepts of behavioral economics, service design thinking and Accelare’s S2E implementation framework to drive increased customer satisfaction and breakthrough growth.

Unlike some customer experience consulting firms who focus on partial solutions (concept, design, or technology/software solutions) leaving the overall implementation to the client, or internal teams that tend to take a more functional short-term solution approach, the Purpose Driven CX team engages with the client in a hands-on effort that leverages the benefits of transformation-enabling technologies and complete process redesign.

Digital CX Strategy

Customer Insights

CX Service Design

Service Design Lifecycle Management


Digital CX Strategy

Drive customer-focused decisions through a strategic and digital business transformation lens.

For enterprises looking to align their strategy with the current competitive landscape, Accelare’s Digital CX Strategy approach uses a ‘customer-lead service delivery’ lens to explicitly define a  to-be operating model which includes necessary curated customer experience capabilities such as:

  • Process-based CX journey delivery
  • Psychographic persona design
  • Service structure (e.g., service, journey & persona category design)
  • CX governance design
  • Service channel and E2E CX testing strategy

Traditional customer experience management consulting thinks of CX and digital business transformation as an afterthought to existing strategies. Accelare infuses CX strategy into the overall enterprise strategy acknowledging and optimizing the key competitive technology-focused drivers of IoT, AI, and cloud computing.


Customer Insights

Truly understand your customer to their core with optimized interactions and communications.

For enterprises looking for revenue growth and improved Customer Satisfaction (CSat) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Accelare leverages the drivers that determine a customer's decision making process and information computing throughout the customer journey. This approach includes:

  • Demographic & psychographic market segmentation
  • Decision-making frameworks
  • Choice architecture design
  • Empathy mapping & messaging

Unlike other customer experience management consulting efforts that focus solely on the reflective slow-thinking analytical part of customer decision making, Accelare leverages reflexive, subconscious fast-thinking reactions of the customer to nudge and guide them throughout the journey effortlessly.


CX Service Design

Purposefully design your services to delight your customers and exceed their expectations.

Accelare uses an outside-in perspective coupled with a ‘digital transformation’ operating model to incorporate traditional persona design & customer definition, customer journey mapping and service blueprinting.

Unlike simple UX or traditional service design, Accelare guides a prospective customer through a series of well-choreographed touch points toward an ideal outcome for both the customer and the business.


Service Design Lifecycle Management

For service-based enterprises that are looking to accelerate new service development and ensure the appropriate projects are prioritized and funded.

Accelare’s SDLM approach maintains service design through a multistep stage-gate process that quantifies business value, validates assumptions, determines feasibility, and defines/aligns the customer’s Service Level Expectation (SLE) with the organization's capability.

Unlike the ad hoc and unstructured service development processes, SDLM takes uses a more mature governance structure that treats service development with discipline to drive customer value innovation.

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