Enterprise Fitness Assessment

Are you ready for digital transformation?

Disruption to business models can come from anywhere and are often unexpected such as new technologies, new competitors, or new customer dynamics.

As a result, companies need to respond and invest in new digital strategies, new growth initiatives, and other strategic priorities.

When organizations are siloed and fail to adapt to new opportunities, bad things usually happen.

Accelare’s Enterprise Fitness Assessment is a facilitated discovery process to focus necessary actions on your strategies and organization. Think of it as an audit of your strategy-to-execution(S2E) process. In just a few weeks, you uncover alignment issues that often derail initiatives at the starting gate.

We dig in fast on your existing strategic plan and related documents and then we interview key leaders with a laser focus on alignment and capabilities. Straw models are then drafted in WorkFit and used in a highly tailored half-day workshop. The workshop allows the team to discuss differences in a non-threatening manner. At the end of the workshop, we facilitate a discussion to identify and prioritize actions.

The goals and outcomes of the assessment are to:

  1. Align Senior Leadership by establishing consensus on the major components of the strategic plan. This helps to eliminate ambiguity on customers, markets, business model, and improvement priorities.
  2. Realignment of current priorities.
  3. Clarify execution planning and capability sponsorship; even if the sponsor doesn’t own the resources.

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