Strategic Business Transformation with your People, Process, and technology

PPT: People and Process Transformation With Change Leadership

The ability to run and improve operations while simultaneously delivering business model transformation requires alignment and enablement of every team across the organization.

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Strategic People and Process Transformation

We enable areas of the organization to support strategic and digital business model transformation that requires a tailored approach to ensure every team can unleash the potential of their contribution.
True business transformation is more than just a nice strategy presentation; it requires many teams and functions across the organization working together toward a common goal to be fully realized. Enabling different elements of the organization to support business transformation requires a tailored approach to ensure every team is able to contribute to its fullest. From the Project Management Office, to HR, Finance and Operations, each group has specific considerations and roles to play in People and Process Transformation.

The Transformation PMO

Process Redesign & Transformation

Strategic Learning & Development

Platform Selection


The Transformation PMO

Executing a transformation agenda is difficult.

In fact, 70% of digital transformation business strategy initiatives fail during implementation, which means a total of $900 billion has been reported wasted from organizations failing to deliver on their business transformation strategy.

Accelare helps clients develop the capabilities required to successfully implement their strategies. Through the concepts of Agile and Capability-based Planning, we help the C-suite empower their Project Management Offices to drive transformational change in their organizations.


Process Redesign & Transformation

Processes are the backbone of the organization. Having the best technology and brightest people doesn’t matter unless the processes designed to deliver value to your customers are appropriately built.

Truthfully, transformation doesn’t always require buying the newest technology, sometimes, transformation can be executed on existing platforms with your existing staff – what is required is reevaluating your processes and thinking about the problems from a different value-based perspective.

This is how Accelare approaches our clients’ problems: we make sure their processes are design to maximize value for the lowest cost possible while providing exceptional customer service and outcomes.


Strategic Learning & Development

Whether you are trying to find a way to better engage your customers using your services, or provide a pathway for growth for your staff, building a Learning and Development capability explicitly tied to your organization’s strategy is probably the answer.

Externally, if your goal is to drive customer retention, making sure the customer feels like they understand and are getting the most value possible out of your solution is key.

Internally, making sure your staff feel engaged and have the skills required to be successful – both in steady state or through a drastic transformation – ultimately benefit any business through employee retention and increased likelihood of transformational success.

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Platform Selection

Accelare assesses your current capabilities to select the platform best suited to your transformation needs. Our process for platform selection is transparent, unbiased, empirical, and in your best interest.

For enterprises looking to evaluate PaaS/SaaS platforms for suitability, fit, and capability needs, Accelare’s digital transformation technology evaluation ensures the selection process focuses on your business needs rather than unnecessary technical bells and whistles.

Combining strategy clarification with operating model design, forces vendors to demonstrate out-of-the-box functionality that meets the enterprise’s needs, thereby minimizing deployment cost overages or delays to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 30%.

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