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ServiceNow Solutions
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Adopting and Scaling Agile

Agile is an adjective, not a noun

Organizations of any age or size can experience ineffective work execution or project delivery.

There can be many different paths that bring you to this point and when this happens, you may be experiencing:

  1. Precious resources are over extended due to lack of transparency of ongoing work.
  2. Work or project execution takes too long to achieve business or customer facing outcomes.
  3. Teams often work on the “wrong” things for too long resulting in additional costs to bring products or services to market.
  4. Decision-making is often done at the highest level of the organization even for tactical level work. Autonomy is lacking.
  5. Lack of accountability exists at many levels of the organization. Staff do not own the customer experience or understand their role in it.
  6. Communication is inadequate when it comes to sharing successes related to business outcomes, metrics showing progress towards those outcomes, or when their barriers to achieving those outcomes.

The limitation with traditional Agile and SAFe based frameworks is that they focus on software and IT system designs. At Accelare, we find that these frameworks are overkill. Simply put, they create a process for process sake.

What we give you is a transformative approach that creates iterative and incremental outcomes that enable your teams to adapt and re-prioritize throughout the work. It is targeted at fundamentally changing how your organization executes work. You will have self-directing and self-managing teams that are better able to estimate, commit, and deliver on timelines. 

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