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To become a Fit Enterprise your organization must master a new business process... 

The Strategy-to-Execution Process.

Do you have a Strategy Execution Process?

Average - Poor

Employees feel their organization is average or poor at strategy execution

What work is required to accomplish the Strategy?


Employees cannot accurately describe the organization’s strategy

Confidence in the teams that will do the work?


Projects fail on all dimensions of success (ROI, Cost, and Schedule)

Do the projects achieve (exceed) business goals?


Projects fail on at least one dimension of success

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What is Strategy-to-Execution

To become a Fit Enterprise your organization must master a new business process - the Strategy-to-Execution Process. Try to describe how your organization manages and pursues strategy through day to day execution - you will likely find many disjointed or missing activities – this gap is what the Strategy-to-Execution Process addresses.

Across major industries and business domains, S2E has helped many businesses redefine how they execute while simultaneously creating transformative strategies. We have been helping organizations apply the Strategy-to-Execution Process, and we have developed these proven packaged solutions of S2E.

Startegy to Execution Solutions


This year enterprises are expected to invest $1.3 trillion (USD) in digital transformation initiatives to apply digital capabilities to improve efficiencies, increase customer value and create new monetization opportunities. Tragically, research tells us that 70% of these initiatives will not reach their stated goals. That equates to over $900 billion worth of spend that will miss the mark. This is mismanagement on a colossal scale."


Steven ZoBell
Forbes Technology Council
Article: "Why Digital Transformations Fail: Closing The $900 Billion Hole In Enterprise Strategy"

Functional optimization does not equate to strategy execution

Projects emanate from functions not from a clear articulation of strategy and operating model changes

Ask Capital Committee or CIO to sort out priorities without adequate context

Projects are then sponsored and run from a functional perspective

Moving from functional hierarchy and command and control to
high-performance process centered teams requires:

Accelare Strategy to Execution

Employee Engagement

Provide a clear understanding of how an organization is fulfilling its purpose and objectives.

In order to accomplish digital transformation you need to engage your team in a new and deeper level of  conversation about your strategy and operating model design. The process we call the Strategy-to-Execution process (S2E) is at the heart of this whether you are trying to transform at a project level, business area or enterprise-wide.

Accelare Strategy to Execution

Customer Experience

Build customer-centric strategies that support business growth

A great customer experience at a low cost (often digital and self-serve) is deliberate, innovatively designed, curated and drives every element of the design of the operating model and culture.

Accelare Strategy to Execution

Management by the Teams

Focus your team on a unified goal

A new strategy and project management process to run and improve your current business model while you transform to your next generation model requires a new approach to process and project management.    A new process and tools are needed. This is why we built – Workfit for ServiceNow

S2E Payoff...

Engaged employees, new customer experience based operating model, project success

  • A New Process: The Strategy-to-Execution will dramatically improve performance at the enterprise, business area, and project level.
  • Business Model Innovation: build the momentum and capacity needed to Transform to your next-generation business model.
  • Project Success: create the context and culture for projects of all sizes to deliver predictable results.


Accelare Digital Transformation

Accelare S2E Solutions

To become a Fit Enterprise your organization must master a new business process - the Strategy-to-Execution Process.

S2E Solutions