Strategy to Execution

S2E - a process to build clarity, alignment, and speed

The S2E Process Aligns Work At All Levels

Accelerate time-to-value with clear strategy, compelling business model, and constant resource coordination at the project, business area, and enterprise levels.

Strategies Are Not Clear

The Strategy to ExecutionTM process provides a clear view of the operating model, capability analysis, resource prioritization, and project roadmaps that success requires.  Clarity increases the change agenda velocity.

Something is Missing Between Strategy and Execution

The Strategy to Execution (S2E) process is a structured approach to innovation, performance improvement, and transformation. S2E provides critical links to simultaneously run the business and transform the business.

Solutions for a Fit Enterprise

A fit enterprise connects People, Process, and Technology for powerful results.

Accelare Enterprise Transformation people practice


Focused, Inspired, and Flexible

For decades, organizational hierarchy and command and control-based models have dominated the core structure and culture of most organizations.Today, those structures are showing their age.

Enterprise social networking enables new models of work. Interested parties work in collaborative teams that replace hierarchy and command and control.

The adoption of social networking in the enterprise enables organizations to abandon the overhead and limitations of hierarchy. 

People progams that don't consider technology and process are simply incomplete.  The S2E process unites people, process, and technology to drive performance.

Enterprise Transformation Practice


Connecting Operational and Project Processes

When operational processes in business functions and project processes in the PMO and IT do not align, projects fail and business operations suffer. These two worlds can come together when they jointly focus on a process of capability (people, process and technology) building.

Capability building replaces processes stuck in functional silos and projects stuck in slow, waterfall delivery methodologies. When cross-functional business sponsors and IT work together to move new business capabilities through operational states of run, improve, and transform -  magic can happen.

Process progams that don't consider technology and people are simply incomplete.  The S2E process unites people, process, and technology to drive performance.

Business Architecture Practice

Accelare Business Architecture process practice

Accelare's Digital Strategy and Solution Delivery technology practice


The Long Pole In The Tent

Every business operation today needs some digital solution to provide customer access to their processes requires an always on capability.  Traditional waterfall planning and development techniques tend towards long lead times, high project-failure rates, and lack of resource alignment between business and IT. 

Strategy to Execution (S2E) process improves velocity.  As a capability-based approach to planning, requirements gathering, and delivery S2E creates an environment where business and technology resources align to operational innovations. 

Technology progams that don't consider people and process are, simply, incomplete processes.  The S2E process unites people, process, and technology to drive performance.

Digital Strategy and Solution Delivery