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Rapid Assessment for a SAFE Return to Work

Our two-week rapid assessment focuses on the critical resources needed to achieve a hyper-productive workforce in the new normal.

A SAFE Return to Work means meeting employee needs and business needs, all while providing a thoughtful, seamless customer experience. As organization’s aim to strike the right balance and adapt to the new normal, most are doing so using a Hybrid Work Model, or some combination of onsite, remote and hybrid cohorts. Organizations must answer the critical question: how do we build a hyper-productive workforce in the new normal?

The Rapid Assessment includes:

Rapid Assessment Deliverables

  • SAFE Productivity Objectives & Key Results: Set organizational and team level OKRs to manage and measure the performance of your SAFE Return to Work program/plan.
  • IT Readiness Evaluation & Recommendations: Holistically review of your IT Service Blueprint for gaps in service delivery​ to identify areas that require reassessment of resources.
  • Governance Evaluation & Suggestions: Revise current management and PMO operations against best practices for COVID-19 PMOs with a specific focus on communications and project management.
  • Illustrative Personas for Process Evaluation: Establish 5 personas tailored to the needs of the organization to help inform practices such as process design for customers and workforce as related to COVID-19.​
  • Tailored SAFE Process Model & Heat Mapping: Receive a process model tailored to your reopening efforts, finding model gaps and assessing its importance for the company, with a focus on hybrid work delivery.​ Utilize these tools to conduct a gap analysis on the current approach and define a course of action for future projects​.
  • Service Catalog Tailored to Your Organization's Needs: Outline a best practice service catalog and customizations for specific client needs to illustrate scope fo services required for a SAFE return to work and how to support a productive remote/hybrid workforce​.

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