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Digital Transformation on the ServiceNow Platform

Using S2E, let Accelare drive your digital transformation with ServiceNow solutions

ServiceNow - Customer Service Management

One of biggest opportunities to deliver a superior experience is through customer service, and traditional customer relationship management (CRM) just isn’t cutting it anymore. Traditional CRM focuses on one-to-one resolution of problems as they arise. Not only is this approach resource-intensive, but it widens the margin for potential inconsistencies in messaging, outcomes and ultimately the customer experience (Cx). Elevate your customer service experience with end-to-end solutions, involving the appropriate internal departments, to create a seamless customer service experience. When problems are identified, they are resolved proactively, and avoided for other customers. Collaboration across internal departments that impact Cx not only result in faster resolution, but resolution for good.

A focus on customer experience expands the traditional definition of customer service to encompass every aspect of a company’s offerings. It requires engaging employees and viewing exceptional service as an asset. As a result, the gap is growing between companies committed to shifting their customer service experience into high gear and those stuck in neutral, still deciding how and when to make their move.

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ServiceNow - IT Business Management

As businesses evolve, PMOs continue to face major challenges. While they must respond to growing business needs, they lack insight into business demands and the tools to prioritize these demands. Project delivery is still unpredictable and can lead to wasted project investment and poor performance. This poor performance is accompanied by low project throughput and quality—a consequence of increasing project complexity and lack of visibility. As a result, project investments aren’t aligned with business needs. And because project investment decisions appear arbitrary, business stakeholders become dissatisfied when project requests are delayed or rejected.

A more structured approach that provides sightlines into the breadth of business demands and requirements allows all internal business stakeholders to align around available IT resources. Alignment on the business side increases the potential to maximize the value of IT investments. Utilizing the PMO in a more strategic role with sightlines into business demands, drivers and requirements, delivers the missing link between IT supply and IT demand. Most PMOs state that demand for IT resources always exceeds supply. With a full understanding of all business demands, the PMO has an avenue for communicating realistic expectations about when and what each project will deliver. This more structured approach builds alignment around resources leading to more efficient use and higher project throughput and quality.

Customer Success on the NOW Platform

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WorkFit for ServiceNow

Digital Transformation is more than workflow automation or functional optimization. 

Many organizations are starting to realize the need for capability planning tools and are using ServiceNow’s Business Capabilities module within the Application Portfolio Management application to initiate their capability planning efforts.   While this tool is a step in the right direction, its IT centric focus, and limited visualization lacks the functionality and business value senior executives need in their planning efforts.   This is why Accelare built WorkFit Capability Mapper, the first of four native Now Platform applications within the WorkFit Suite.

Learn more about WorkFit and stay on the front line of digital transformation innovation by joining our community of innovators, it's FREE! Become an early adopter of WorkFit for your organization. Contribute to the tools features/templates and methods of Strategy-to-Execution by joining the Community of Best Practice. Browse the forums, share a tip, give your feedback, ask a question, and search to find answers. 

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Capability Mapper

Capability Mapper
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WorkFit for ServiceNow offers an enterprise approach to digital transformation - combining the Enterprise Fitness framework and Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) process on the ServiceNow platform

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