Our New eBooklet: The Role of AI in Business Transformation

by Richard Lynch, on Jan 6, 2017 7:00:00 AM

By Seth Earley  and Richard Lynch

Recently Earley Information Science hosted a knowledge salon on Accelare - AI in Business TransformationArtificial Intelligence and machine learning and their impact on society.  The salon participants, some of the best minds and practitioners in AI, noted that AI is creeping into our lives impacting the economy, our work life, consumer products and services and public safety and government services. The impact will be felt in changing job roles and requirements, shifting skill sets and further continued economic disruption as more sectors are automated. 

Here's a few of the session highlights:

  • The upside to AI will be in a variety of areas. Healthcare (research, personalized medicine and robotics), Safety (reduction of accidents, improved security through threat identification and mitigation, and more secure finances through “personal financial security guards”) and Human Welfare (as AI is embraced in behavioral health through cognitive therapy agents, personal health coaches, and psychiatric and social case management.)  
  • The problem with the so called “jobless recovery” in the US is that while efficiency has increased, more can be done with fewer workers.  This trend will accelerate as AI and robots become more capable.  
  • The benefits to society from Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also have significant costs – the primary one being that of job displacement.  Forrester estimates that by 2025, 12 – 18% of jobs will be lost and those displaced will not have the skills needed in the advanced digital economy. 
  • In the short term, robots will not be able to handle complex business tasks that have unpredictable elements, require creative problem solving or entail judgment based on significant real world experience.  

For a more in-depth report out from the session, download our eBooklet: The Role of AI in Business Transformation here:



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