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Platform-based Design Engineering

Traditional requirements gathering and systems design delivers automation. Digital transformation requires design engineers; platform masters who deliver breakthrough process designs.

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Reimagine Platform Innovation

Too often, organizations get caught in the trap of solving business problems in silos – solely based on their current pain points – when designing for the future.

This tactical thinking puts roadblocks in the way of understanding how systems – process, technology, people, data and culture – work together from and end-to-end customer perspective, putting barriers between cross-functional effectiveness and efficiency for the enterprise, as well as from a Customer Experience impact perspective.

Breakthrough industry innovations do not come from more and deeper industry vertical expertise but from horizontal thinking, new platforms, and prescriptive design.

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Enterprise Process Design Innovation

Accelare brings a holistic approach to every implementation, centering on breakthrough process design critical to attaining true brand differentiation.  We bring deep experience in process design to everything we do – from Sigma certifications to real ‘been there, done that’ know how, keeping the Customer Experience (CX) at the forefront in all we do. 

NOW Platform Integrations

From plug-ins to applications to full platform integrations, we ensure a seamless experience for your employees and end customers. We marry your architectures harmoniously and deliver efficiencies across your enterprise portfolio of systems.  Let us show you new ways to unleash the power of your investments with a complete consideration of the breadth and depth of your technical collection.

Hyper-Focused Platform Breakthroughs

Accelare’s intense focus on ServiceNow innovations using Customer Service Management (CSM), Field Service Management (FSM), IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Business Management (ITBM) allows us to deliver revolutionary design that supports your near term needs and leads you rapidly through to your unparalleled digital future ensuring a focus on your Customer's Experience.

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Our ServiceNow Platform Expertise

Unleash the full potential of your NOW platform by maximizing your capabilities to create a seamless end-to-end experience. Through the customer experience lens, discover innovative digital workflows using Customer Service Management, Field Service Management, IT Business Management, and IT Service Management.

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Become a ServiceNow Design Engineer with Accelare

Most businesses don’t truly tap into the brilliance of their design engineers. Why? In their existing roles, developers are asked to focus on building solutions based on requirements identified by the business. Accelare’s in-depth training, paralleled with hands-on client work, provides the roadmap to transform the role of developer to design engineer. If you are ready for the next level of coding and ready to actively participate in strategic platform functionality design and executionjoin our team.

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